Sagebrush, located about two hours from Richmond in the stunning forests of northern Virginia, is a safe harbor of healing for those seeking a Richmond drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment center. Our spacious, comfortable, resort-like facilities, team of compassionate, experienced staff and plethora of traditional and non-traditional therapies are the perfect setting for constructing new, healthy, addiction-free habits. Offering both residential inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment options, Sagebrush is here to help you through your journey, regardless of what stage you are in.

What Makes Sagebrush Different?

What sets Sagebrush apart is our patient focus. When you undergo healing from addiction with Sagebrush, we go out of our way to ensure that you are given intensive, personalized treatment. There is no one size fits all mentality at Sagebrush, only the deepest commitment to the invidudal success of every single one of our clients. This is why our therapists only work with a maximum of four clients at a time.

Our Services

In addition to highly customized treatment plans employing traditional tactics of one-on-one and group counseling, we offer many other services to assist in holistically healing our patients, including:

  • Nutritional/health counseling
  • Meals comprised of healing foods
  • Acupuncture
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Yoga
  • Meditation/guided imagery
  • Music therapy
  • Massage
  • Art therapy
  • Personal training and
  • Much more


Family-focused Support

Rather than just heal one part of a family, we focus on helping the entire family unit. When one person in a family suffers from addiction, the entire family is affected. We offer a variety of outpatient support services for our patients’ family members. We believe it does little good to heal our patient if the rest of the family’s feelings are not resolved and family members are not educated on the treatment processes. Research reveals the best outcomes include family treatment.

With the short drive from Richmond, it’s easy for family members to visit their loved one at Sagebrush. If our patient prefers to not include family members in his or her treatment, we still offer a variety of educational and relational groups offsite.


Support for the Long Haul

There is evidence that those suffering with addiction will ultimately have a better shot at getting and staying clean when they combine individualized treatment with a good support network, and continued treatment after discharge. At Sagebrush, we take this evidence to heart to help our patients maintain a healthy lifestyle even after they leave our facilities. Our expert staff create a one-year plan prior to each patient’s discharge that involves our expansive outpatient treatment and steps to taking their new healthy lifestyle into each new day.

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