addiction patients participating in group therapy activities

Group Therapy Activities

Addiction is a chronic, incurable condition that requires life-long management. Symptoms will worsen until you receive proper treatment, which can include group therapy activities, individual counseling, and family therapy. Millions of Americans struggle with substance abuse and addiction issues each year. Not only is addiction relatively prevalent, but drug overdoses are also the leading cause…

a woman seeking methods for coping with anxiety and depression

Coping With Anxiety And Depression

Both mental health and substance abuse disorders affect your brain chemistry and cause neurotransmitter imbalances. Among the most common mental health problems, those with addiction issues have anxiety and depression. Coping with anxiety and depression is important during the recovery process because negative emotions can increase your risk of relapsing. Mental health disorders impact roughly…

a woman at a bar asking the common questions about alcohol detox

Common Questions About Alcohol Detox

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to ethanol poisoning which, when left untreated by an alcohol addiction treatment center in Mclean VA, is potentially fatal. Alcohol is also both physically and psychologically addictive. Common questions about alcohol detox typically include inquiries about how long withdrawal lasts. When you become physically dependent on alcohol, you can…