woman doing yoga by the ocean

Mindfulness Can Boost Your Recovery

Ready to take your recovery from alcohol and drug addiction to a whole new level?  Practice being mindful with these tried-and-true activities—they might be just what you’re looking for. Common Experience Heard in a Twelve Step meeting: “Sometimes I feel like I’m just going through the motions. I mean, I’m working the program but I’m…

graphic showing co occurring disorders

Co-occurring Disorders

Addiction and mental illness are identified as separate and distinct issues that can, and often do, occur together.  Effective treatment for co-occurring disorders depends on an accurate diagnosis, which can be a highly complex and somewhat subjective process. Some key considerations related to the prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of co-occurring disorders are discussed below. What…

man hiding face in shame

Dealing with Shame

Sometimes it’s a small nagging voice, “I shouldn’t be drinking so much” or “I’m gaining weight and should go on a diet”.  Sometimes it’s a thundering judge, “I have completely screwed up my life!”   If you are trying to change a compulsive behavior pattern like substance use, gambling, or binge eating, odds are you have some…

Signpost along the road to recovery

Is 12 Step Recovery Right For Me?

Achieving sobriety is no easy feat, which is why you may be tempted to think that all of the work is done.  You may think that once you are free and clean from drugs and alcohol, you are cured.  But the truth is that recovery is a long, ongoing process that doesn’t happen overnight or…

Turkey graphic for thanksgiving

Tips for Enjoying Thanksgiving While in Recovery

We are entering the time of year when parties, family get-togethers and excessive eating, drinking and merriment can create difficult or at least tricky situations for those in recovery. Thanksgiving in particular can be a challenging time. Facing your first sober Thanksgiving while in recovery may seem overwhelming since family interaction is often expected and…