a pharmacist explaining to a patient opioids and wisdom teeth extraction

Opioids and Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The connection between opioids and wisdom teeth extraction shouldn’t lead to addiction. However, many young people develop an opiate habit in this situation. Tragically, many never quit or fail to get help in an addiction treatment center. Thankfully, the best prescription opioid addiction treatment program Northern VA has to offer may help. Don’t hesitate to get…

a woman upset she is learning about can you die from alcohol withdrawal

Can You Die From Alcohol Withdrawal?

Alcohol or booze is the most commonly abused substance in the US. Alcohol addiction damages the body, destroys families and causes an average of 6 deaths per day. As you prepare for alcohol detox and withdrawal, you may find yourself wondering can you die from alcohol withdrawal. Giving up booze can lead to alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) or…


What Is Dual Diagnosis, and How Do I Seek Treatment?

What is dual diagnosis? If you suffer from both a substance use disorder and a mental illness, you may receive a dual diagnosis called co-occurring disorders. A dual diagnosis addresses treatment for both issues, giving you a much better chance at recovery. More than nine million Americans battled co-occurring disorders in 2018, according to the…