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Addiction is a disease that affects millions directly each year. However, not only does it affect the individual user, but it also affects the family members around them. If you believe you’re loved one is struggling with addiction, it’s vital to find drug addiction help for family members. By participating in family addiction treatment programs, your family can heal from addiction as a whole.

Identifying Drug Addiction in Family Members

Before you seek out drug addiction help for family members, you need to know if you’re loved one is struggling with an addiction. While there are many symptoms of the disease, some signs may be similar to that of puberty or stress. It’s important to be able to tell the difference, and, if several signs are present at a time, take immediate action.

Some physical signs of drug addiction include:

  • Sunken eyes and cheeks
  • A sudden drop in weight
  • Disheveled or unkempt appearance
  • Thinning hair
  • Yellowing or darkening of teeth

Behavioral signs of drug addiction can include:

  • Paranoia
  • Extreme or sudden anxiousness
  • Depression
  • Unlawful behavior like stealing
  • Lying to friends and family
  • Reclusive behavior
  • Sudden change in their friend group

When you believe addiction is occurring, it’s time to seek out Northern VA addiction treatment center programs for your loved one.

Finding Drug Addiction Help for Family Members

Not only is it important to find treatment for your loved one, but it’s also crucial to find help for the rest of your family. Your loved one is going to need the support of family as they go through treatment. However, members might feel hurt or betrayed by the individual, making it hard to show support. A family program will help mend the relationships that addiction damaged. Loved ones deserve to have their feelings heard and understood by the individual, and they deserve an apology. The individual also deserves to be heard and say their piece. A therapist or counselor can act as a mediator and facilitator to promote respectful and effective communication between family members.

Once everyone reaches a place of understanding and love, they can learn how to best support the member in treatment. This will also help reduce the risk of relapse once they return home, and will help the family heal as a unit.

Help through Sagebrush Treatment Centers

At Sagebrush Treatment Centers, we strive to help individuals and their families recover from addiction. Our team understands the obstacles and trials families face when a member is struggling with addiction. We want to make a recovery and healing possible through a variety of programs. Along with our family program, we also provide the following services:

If you believe you’re loved one is struggling, and you need drug addiction help for family members, take action now. Contact Sagebrush Treatment Centers today by calling (866) 488-1156.