Girl relaxing after a yoga therapy session

Yoga Therapy For Drug Rehabilitation

For those that are battling an addiction, traditional medical and psychiatric treatments alone are often insufficient to provide comfort or restore true balance to their life. This is why yoga therapy and other holistic approaches to treatment at a group therapy program in Mclean VA are becoming more common in drug treatment facilities as a supplemental way…

a needle about to inject a patient with suboxone vs methadone

Suboxone vs Methadone

Recovering from opioid addiction is a process that is mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing. It is rarely a good idea to try to quit using opioids without medical assistance. To this end, addiction medicine professionals use two popular medications to treat clients who suffer from an addiction to opiates detox gradually and safely. Although both…


Inpatient Vs Outpatient Mental Health

Mental health disorders are chronic conditions, meaning that while there is no cure, symptoms can become manageable with proper treatment. Treatment can include a variety of evidence-based and holistic treatments, such as medications and therapy. You can choose between inpatient vs outpatient mental health treatment. More than 44 million American adults struggle with a mental…

addiction patients participating in group therapy activities

Group Therapy Activities

Addiction is a chronic, incurable condition that requires life-long management. Symptoms will worsen until you receive proper treatment, which can include group therapy activities, individual counseling, and family therapy. Millions of Americans struggle with substance abuse and addiction issues each year. Not only is addiction relatively prevalent, but drug overdoses are also the leading cause…