doctor helping client find residential addiction treatment programs

The Need for Residential Addiction Treatment Programs

Let’s be honest. A long-term commitment to full recovery after a drug or alcohol addiction can be scary and make you feel vulnerable. What may be even more frightening is making the commitment to undergo a long-term recovery program inside the walls of a substance abuse treatment center. This is one of the reasons why…

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Sober Life Is Anything But Boring

As someone in long term recovery, I often hear from newcomers, or those who are still active in their addiction, that they think life in sobriety will be boring. I also thought the same thing when I got sober. This is a common misconception that I hope to shed light upon, in this blog. As…

signs on how to find your way in recovery

Finding Your Way in Recovery

When one is new to recovery, everything about it can be confusing and even intimidating. The purpose of this entry is to alleviate some of those confusions and intimidations. Happy reading and recovery, dear friends! New to This… Being new to recovery means many things. It can mean that you are still physically, mentally, and…

rock with one day at a time on it

Recovery, One Day at a Time

Someone who has ever encountered or experienced any form of 12 Step recovery, is familiar with the phrase, “One Day at a Time.” It’s essentially a part of our everyday lexicon, here in the U.S. of A. But what does it really mean? When in the middle of a craving to drink/use, how is “One…

image of creating health boundaries

Healthy Boundaries while in Recovery

Alcohol and drug addiction takes a toll on our relationships—especially on our families. When a loved one goes to treatment, begins reclaiming their life from addiction, their relationships with other people require rebuilding, too. Healing relationships in recovery takes a concerted effort on everyone’s part. Addiction can fuel many fear-based behavior patterns and other dysfunctional…

signs that show relapse prevention tips

Relapse Prevention Tips

How is it that those behaviors which have kept one sober and stood the test of time are known clearly and then forgotten immediately when one’s spiritual condition suffers and the addictive mind kicks in? Call your sponsor, get to a meeting, pray, ask for help. How can one read/do the same thing over and…