Sagebrush Treatment Center is In-Network with Aetna Health Insurance

Finding a drug and alcohol treatment center that will accept your in-network health insurance from Aetna is difficult. The vast majority of treatment centers only accept PPO policies AND a large sum of cash. That is where Sagebrush Treatment Center can help. We are In-Network with Aetna health insurance for all levels of addiction treatment. If you have been told no because that provider doesn’t take Aetna, give us a call. We can help. Through Aetna rehab insurance coverage in Virginia, we help our clients receive the help they need and deserve.

couple learning about Aetna rehab insurance coverage in VirginiaAt Sagebrush Treatment Center, our goal is to provide exceptional addiction treatment, in a beautiful setting. We are in-network with Aetna so that we can serve more clients. It also helps us reduce the financial burden of receiving drug and alcohol treatment. The disease of addiction takes and takes. Often, finances are in bad shape by the time your loved one makes it to treatment. Many families don’t have large amounts of money to pay for care when they need it the most. Being in-network with Aetna health insurance, you are only required to pay your deductible and out of pocket maximum. We work with you to ensure that as much treatment as possible is available without creating an additional financial burden on the family. This option provides you with high quality, holistic care.


Aetna Rehab Insurance Coverage in Virginia

When a provider of drug and alcohol treatment services is “in-network,” it means that there is an existing agreement between the insurance company and the treatment provider to offer care for mutual patients at a pre-arranged rate. Out of network treatment providers are often desirable, but too expensive for many families to afford.

Sagebrush Treatment Center is proud to be in partnership with Aetna health insurance. We work to provide top of the line, affordable, drug and alcohol treatment services to those in need. When faced with the responsibility of choosing the right drug and alcohol treatment program, you shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of services provided due to financial circumstances. With Aetna rehab insurance coverage in Virginia, you don’t have to.


Why Choose Sagebrush?

Sagebrush Treatment Center approaches the recovery process from the perspective of whole-body healing. We treat addiction by working to heal the mind, body, and spirit, and we use a plethora of therapeutic techniques to assist our clients in uncovering the root causes of their disease. While many in-network drug and alcohol treatment facilities only offer inpatient or residential services, Sagebrush is proud to provide partial hospitalization services and intensive outpatient services to complement our residential treatment programs.

At Sagebrush Treatment Center, we understand that there is no such thing as a universal treatment plan. Our program managers, therapists, case managers, and support staff work hard to create an individualized treatment plan for each client. In an effort to assist clients in achieving long-term sobriety, Sagebrush Treatment Center also offers Sober Living Services to our continuum of care. Our holistic approach to helping our clients and their families break free from addiction sets us apart from other drug and alcohol treatment programs in the Northern Virginia area. Through our partnership with Aetna, we will reach more Americans suffering from addiction, and continue to provide extraordinary treatment and hope to those seeking a new way of life. To learn more about Aetna rehab insurance coverage in Virginia, contact us today by calling 866-488-1156.

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