It’s unfortunate that with so many people struggling with addiction, only a small percentage will seek out help. Sadly, one of the biggest deterrents to finding help is due to money. So many are afraid to learn about health insurance coverage because they assume they won’t have help. However, this should never stop you from seeking out treatment. Do your research regarding your rehab insurance coverage and work with your treatment center to create a plan. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that not having health insurance coverage will prevent you from receiving the help you need.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding rehab insurance coverage is that many facilities only accept PPO policies along with a large sum of cash. However, Sagebrush is different than most facilities. Not only are we happy to be in-network with two major insurance coverages, but we also work with our clients who lack the proper coverage. We don’t believe money should stop individuals from getting the help they need.


Being In-Network for Health Insurance Coverage

group of clients with financial advisor discussing health insurance coverage and rehab insurance coverage

So what exactly does being “in-network” mean? If a facility or provider of treatment services is within network, it means there is a formal agreement between the provider and the insurance company. This means they can offer care to mutual patients of both for a rate that is pre-arranged. Being out of network then means there is no previous agreement, which makes this option more expensive for clients.

Sagebrush is proud to be in-network with both Aetna and BlueCross and BlueShield. This allows us to provide our clients with the best care possible without them stressing over funding. However, this doesn’t mean we are unable to help you if you have other health insurance coverage. Our admissions team will help to determine your options when it comes to rehab insurance coverage and payment options.


Sagebrush Treatment Centers

Sagebrush Treatment Centers are here to help our clients achieve long-lasting recovery. By taking a holistic approach to treatment, we help heal the mind, body, and soul of each of our clients. Since we offer a full continuum of care, our clients can begin treatment knowing their care is in the best of hands. From residential treatment to transitional living, our treatment centers have what you need.

At Sagebrush, long-lasting recovery is possible. However, it can be intimidating to begin your treatment. Many individuals are never sure where to start. Often, the best starting point is a simple phone call. Want to begin the rehab admissions process, but have questions regarding your insurance? Sagebrush is here to help you determine your health insurance coverage. Contact Sagebrush Treatment Centers today at (866) 488-1156 to learn more about rehab insurance coverage. Our addiction treatment staff is ready to help.