When it comes to the rehab admissions process, things can become quite overwhelming for new clients. However, the rehab admissions specialits at Sagebrush are here to help make the process as easy as possible.

Sagebrush will work with you to handle the following:

  • Your travel arrangements
  • Discuss what you’ll need to bring to treatment
  • Help with financial arrangements
  • Explain dates of availability
  • Relay other pertinent information during the initial phone consultation

Our expert Admissions Coordinator will answer all your questions, check benefits and help determine the best program that will fit you and/or your family’s needs. The transformation starts today. Call us now!

Speak confidentially with a Sagebrush admissions coordinator.

The Next Steps of Rehab Admissions

Sagebrush will work with you to handle your travel arrangements, discuss what you’ll need to bring to treatment, help with financial arrangements, explain dates of availability and relay other pertinent information during the initial phone consultation.

man happy after talking to our rehab admissions specialists The next step, after speaking with our admissions coordinator, is to meet with one of our therapists, who will conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify your current and ongoing needs. Our expert therapists and clinical director help to develop your custom treatment plan.

Treatment may include individual, couples and/or family therapy, multi-family therapy, and a variety of group therapies. There are many programs available in our outpatient and residential inpatient facility. The length of time spent in treatment depends upon the client’s needs and recommendations of the clinical team.

More About Rehab Admissions

If medical detoxification is warranted, based on our initial assessment, clients will be assisted in making arrangements to receive detox services to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Sagebrush’s program is most beneficial when the client and her/his family are engaged and committed to the treatment process. Our team understands that resistance can initially be a reaction to treatment. Often, subsequent positive change may follow.

We expect a commitment from our client to stay a minimum of 30 days, either in residential or outpatient treatment. We also expect the client to refrain from drinking alcohol and using unauthorized drugs and follow the personalized treatment plan guidelines that are outlined by his/her therapist and agreed to by the client.

A referral from a psychiatrist, therapist or other medical practitioner isn’t necessary for rehab admission to Sagebrush; however, we certainly welcome their input and strive to maintain open communication with other providers.

The clinicians and staff at Sagebrush maintain the highest ethical standards. Your information is protected not only by our policies, but also by HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) and Federal Law CFR 42 Part 2, which pertains specifically to clients seeking treatment for substance use. To download a copy of our Privacy Practices, please click here.


Financial Considerations

Most of our clients come to us worried about how to pay for treatment. Let us verify your insurance and explain what coverage options you have for treatment. Our Admissions Coordinator and rehab admissions specialists would be happy to assist you and answer any questions you have. Contact us to discuss the insurance verification process at (866) 488-1156.

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