Millions of individuals are currently struggling with drug abuse or addiction. Whether they’re misusing prescription medications or purchasing illicit substances on the street, drug addiction is a serious epidemic our country is facing. Through a drug addiction treatment center, individuals can turn their lives around and recover from these dangerous substances.


The Effects of Drug Addiction

Today, an estimated 7 million individuals suffer from a drug addiction or substance use disorder. An individual is struggling with an addiction when they continually take the drug and have an inability to stop. Without the drug, they experience withdrawal. Because of how drugs affect the brain, professional help through a drug addiction treatment center is often the only way to fully recover.

client entering a drug addiction treatment centerOver time, drug addiction can have severe effects on your mental and physical health. Those abusing drugs often experience changes in moods while also seeing a decline in their physical health. This can include the following:

  • Compromised immune system
  • A decline in memory, fogginess, and confusion
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease
  • Seizures
  • Frequent stomach pain and nausea


How Drug Addiction Treatment Programs at a Drug Addiction Treatment Center Can Help

A drug addiction treatment center will provide clients with the tools they need to heal from addiction and begin living a life in recovery. Through different levels of programs, individuals will understand the cause of their addiction and learn how to move past it. Coping mechanisms and life skills that professionals teach during these programs will help prevent relapse and decrease cravings. They will also help clients identify their triggers and learn how to manage stress without turning to drugs.

During their time at a treatment center, clients will also meet others who share their experiences and struggles with the disease. Receiving not only professional support, but peer support as well will help increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Family programs through a drug addiction treatment center will help in the success of your recovery. These programs will help heal any family relationship broken from addiction. A professional will help facilitate effective and respectful communication that allows your family to support you. During this time, you grow your support system for when you leave treatment, which is also crucial to success.


Your Virginia Drug Rehab Center is Sagebrush

Are you ready to break free from drug addiction? Is your loved one ready to make the first step on their recovery journey? The time to find help is now. Sagebrush Treatment Centers are here to provide the healing environment and effective drug addiction treatment programs clients need. Through a variety of programs, we help our clients and their families break free from the cycle of addiction. Our programs include:

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