Sagebrush provides a warm, home-like environment for men and women seeking residential drug and alcohol treatment. Nestled in a community in Vienna, Virginia, this eight bed treatment home provides a peaceful environment that allows for recovery and healing in a supportive, loving and compassionate surrounding. We pride ourselves on our Vienna residential addiction treatment center and the environment it creates.

Our high-quality recovery program helps clients identify the root causes of their addictions and encourage them to make the changes necessary to create an abundant, sustainable and healthy life. True recovery is the healing of the human spirit. It is the recognition that everyone has the right to live freely, joyously and fully. Recovery is also the ability to have a successful work-life and satisfying relationships. Finally, it is the awareness that you can live your life deeply, lovingly, and peacefully.

Choose Our Vienna Residential Addiction Treatment Center

Our Sagebrush residential team is committed to providing an extraordinary level of comfort while maintaining an intimate and safe environment, where the transformative work of recovery can begin. From the moment you walk through the front door, you are warmly invited into a community. In our residential treatment center, we primarily offer private rooms with shared bathrooms. We also offer one shared bedroom with the benefit of a large adjoining bathroom.

Our approach is kind, compassionate and nurturing. This is evident by the staff we employ and the sacred surroundings you’ll find yourself in at Sagebrush. Our co-ed residential facility accepts adults, ages 18 and up.

Our Vienna residential treatment facility is a wonderfully comforting place to begin a journey in recovery. Sagebrush uses a wide variety of therapeutic techniques. We offer a compelling and clinically rich treatment program that integrates a holistic approach meant to achieve lasting results. Our highly trained clinical team routinely collaborate to create the most comprehensive and effective treatment program for each client. We rely on years of expertise, intuition, heart-centered communication and honesty to guide the treatment experience. In addition to therapeutic groups, we provide individual therapy sessions three times per week. We explore and work hard to understand and gather critical information about each person’s particular story of addiction so we can tailor a treatment program that works best for each individual. Our treatment programs work to understand and uncover experiences of trauma, family dynamics, intimacy and relationships, communication and a wide variety of other issues.


Custom Drug Rehab

We believe a holistic treatment approach, coupled with individual psychotherapy work, can lead to a life of sobriety and recovery. In our residential Vienna home, there is an emphasis on a community that is vital in making connections with others. We provide treatment that is individualized, specifically designed to address and deal with addiction-related issues.

The staff at Sagebrush is highly educated and are effective clinicians who bring a wealth of experience for dealing with addiction issues. The structured and supportive environment empowers men and women to develop skills and tools that can help lead to a happier life. Our addiction treatment staff have a passion for working with people, and each brings their warm and open hearts to serve and heal the people who come seeking treatment here.


Aftercare Program

Aftercare planning is a crucial element to treatment. Our team collaborates with each client to design an effective aftercare program that will provide them with a detailed plan outlining the support, structure, and follow up care to lead the client through their journey to a sober and healthy lifestyle.

Speak confidentially with a Sagebrush admissions coordinator.

Begin at Our Residential Drug Rehab Center in Vienna

Sagebrush is ready to help heal your mind, body, and soul. We know that addiction treatment isn’t a quick fix, and we strive to give each of our clients the individual care they deserve. At our residential drug rehab center in Vienna, we have the opportunity to change lives. To experience this change through our Vienna residential addiction treatment center, contact us today at (866) 488-1156.