When a person grappling with addiction attends treatment for the first time, there may be a significant amount of anxiety concerning what form treatment will take. With this taken into consideration, we would like to take this opportunity to better inform you about our individual treatment program, addiction therapy services in Northern VA, and how it will figure into the experience of Sagebrush Treatment Centers.

What Is An Individual Treatment Program?

Sagebrush’s individual treatment program in McLean VA provides private sessions with a mental health professional that is intended to tailor their treatment program to the individual needs of the client. This will take into consideration factors like personal history, medical history, the severity of the addiction, and any dual diagnosis disorders.

These sessions may be held in an office but in other cases may be in a less formal environment. They may be frequent or infrequent depending on the individual needs of the client and the goals set for recovery.

How Individual Treatment Programs Work

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the intractable problems that keep people in the grip of addiction. Treatment is a delicate balance of supervision, inspiration, encouragement, education, and trust. Individual therapy or treatment sessions need to work for the individual and incorporate holistic treatments for their specific needs.

Mature Doctor comforting young Woman Patient in individual treatment program

This may include simply marking the progress made in rehab and encouraging the client to continue the good work. It could reinforce areas where they are experiencing difficulty by disrupting ineffective treatment methods.

The most important aspect of the individual treatment program is setting and achieving goals both large and small, as these gradual victories can give clients the momentum they need to push forward into sobriety.

What Is An Individual Treatment Session Like?

Every person in a treatment program is unique, and individual treatment sessions will similarly be specific to that client. Its primary aim may be to organize and prioritize treatment activities that will do the most good. There may also be a necessity to manage contingencies that come up, such as events outside of treatment that is weighing on the individual and holding them back from progressing in rehabilitation.

Although counseling and mental health therapeutic methods are an important component of any rehab program, our individual treatment program incorporates a number of other activities including:

  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Spiritual counseling services
  • Acupuncture treatment and massage therapy

Integrating these alternative medical treatments with traditional psychotherapy gives our program unique flexibility when it comes to treating individuals that have not achieved positive results in the past. When you open up possibilities you create more room to realize positive outcomes for treatment. Our goal is to have every client leave fully prepared to live a life of sobriety and prevent relapse.

Are you ready to stop using drugs and alcohol forever? Sagebrush addiction therapy services in northern VA has an individual treatment program waiting for you. Give us a call at 866.488.1156 and let us help you take that first step toward sobriety.