Addiction is a family disease and it doesn’t discriminate. Anyone, regardless of age, race or background, can develop a substance abuse problem. Addiction increases interpersonal conflicts, as well as conflicts with friends, family members, and loved ones, which is why you may choose a group therapy program to help get you through it. In short, substance abuse problems and addiction can cause you to prioritize drugs and alcohol before employment, financial, relationship and familial obligations.

Addiction affects so many different aspects of your life, it is important to address the needs of you and loved ones. A family addiction treatment program in Mclean VA offers you the ability to share and express your thoughts and feelings in a supportive, recovery focused environment. Additionally, a group therapy program can also integrate your family members, spouse and loved ones in your treatment.

How Addiction Impacts Families

Addiction is a progressive and chronic condition that causes you to use and abuse drugs and alcohol despite negative consequences. These consequences can include neglecting the needs of your family and loved ones. Substance abuse problems can increase your chances of experiencing domestic violence, conflict with your spouse or partner, and can negatively affect your children. Addiction can also lead to custody issues and divorce.

Since substance abuse problems can cause significant financial issues because you divert money to feed your addiction or habit, it can diminish your quality of life. Addiction can lead to debt and difficulty paying bills. Additionally, substance abuse problems can result in housing instability and eviction.

Other ways that addiction impacts families include:group of people sitting, smiling and stacking hands during therapy program

  • Increases isolation between family members
  • Causes trust issues among families
  • Damages marriages
  • Negatively effects children
  • Causes co-dependency and unhealthy relationships

The ripples caused by addiction impact your friends, family, and loved ones. Treatment offers you the ability to rebuild trust with loved ones and family members.

What is a Group Therapy Program?

A group therapy program is an evidence-based treatment utilized during substance abuse treatment. Treatment centers typically will use a group therapy program to help you express and share experiences with other members, which improves understanding and communication skills. A group therapy program Mclean, VA offers can provide a safe environment for you and your loved ones to address how addiction has impacted your relationship.

A group therapy program is a talk-based therapy, allowing you and your loved ones to verbally express issues and concerns diplomatically with the help of a trained and licensed therapist. Therapy offers you the ability to incorporate your family into your treatment, allowing you and your family to establish boundaries.

Group therapy programs are offered at both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers.

Finding Treatment Today 

When you are struggling with a substance abuse problem or addiction, you can sometimes feel hopeless, frustrated and lost. Finding help is the first step towards recovery and regaining control of your life. Treatment like a group therapy program, dialectic behavioral therapy, and individual counseling can help strengthen your recovery. Sagebrush Treatment Centers, the leading family addiction treatment program Mclean VA offers, understands what it takes to beat addiction. Call us today at 866.488.1156 to learn more about our programs.