Our Great Falls drug and alcohol treatment program at our residential addiction treatment center drug provides a sanctuary that promotes recovery, healing and truth by maintaining a deep commitment to the work of recovery in a supportive, loving and compassionate environment. This is a private pay ONLY co-ed facility that offers a flexible length of stay. The Great Falls co-ed residential team helps clients identify the root causes of their addictions and guides them to make the changes necessary to create an abundant and healthy life. True recovery is the healing of the human spirit. It is the recognition that everyone has the right to live freely, joyously and fully. Recovery is also the ability to have a successful work-life and satisfying relationships. Finally, it is the awareness that you can live your life deeply, lovingly, and peacefully.

our great falls residential addiction treatment center

Sagebrush is committed to providing an extraordinary level of comfort while maintaining an intimate and secure environment, where the transformative work of recovery can begin. From the moment you walk through the front door, you are warmly invited into the community. Each client will stay in his or her own private room with a private bathroom.

About Our Residential Drug Rehab Center in Great Falls

Our approach is kind, compassionate and nurturing. This is evidenced by the surroundings you find yourself in, both inside and outside our facility. This 18,000 square foot estate is located on 5 acres of land, with well-manicured and expansive grounds. A gazebo, pond and walking trails will add to your experience. This is a perfect place for you to begin your journey in recovery.

Sagebrush uses a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to provide our clients with a compelling and clinically rich treatment program to achieve lasting results. Our team of experts collaborates to create the most effective clinical program for each client. We rely on years of expertise, intuition, heart-centered communication and honesty to guide the treatment experience. In addition to groups, we provide extensive individual therapy sessions. We have found it’s critical to understand each person’s particular story of addiction so we can craft an individual journey of recovery. Our treatment programs address trauma, family dynamics, intimacy and relationships, communication and a variety of other issues.

We offer a comprehensive and holistic approach, incorporating health and wellness counseling, family education and support. We use techniques and modalities that may include acupuncture, Qigong, experiential therapies, art therapy, guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, music therapy, yoga, nature-based activities, massage therapy, and fitness. 12-step meetings are offered, but are not required.

Aftercare planning is a very important part of our program and begins early on in the treatment process. Our treatment team works to design an aftercare program that will allow the client to leave Sagebrush with a plan to enhance their success in leading a sober and healthy life.

Take a tour of our facility by clicking here, and see the beautiful, calming and tranquil environment of Sagebrush Great Falls Co-ed Residential Treatment Center.


Multi-Family Psycho-Educational Group

Multi-Family Group is on Sunday afternoons. During this time of small groups, lectures, videos and exercises, families learn about the disease of addiction and why it has taken them to this place. You and your family members will gain a deeper understanding of addiction, its consequences, and solutions.

A message to loved ones:

Your commitment to your profound healing and the healing of your loved one in treatment is truly honored. Please know that the family healing that begins while your loved one is in residential treatment is the first step to recovery. While your loved one is being cared for at Sagebrush, we encourage family members to receive their own support and treatment at our outpatient office in McLean. We realize that addiction causes suffering, for the family members as well as the addict, and you deserve to find relief too.


Family Visitation

Families have the opportunity to visit with their loved ones after attending both the Concerned Others and Multi-Family Group. By working through hard feelings and pain, the whole family unit can become healthier. Understanding what addiction is, courageously addressing issues, and learning new ways to communicate can bring a new sense of hope for the future. Furthermore, technology is allowed at the Great Falls co-ed residential facility, so it is easy to keep in touch with your family while in treatment.


Concerned Others Group

Sagebrush’s Concerned Others Group takes place on Sunday afternoons. Family members are educated about the disease of addiction and recovery in a format that incorporates much of the information that their loved one is processing during their residential treatment stay. The goal is to help family members understand the recovery process while providing ongoing support. This is a perfect time to ask questions and to get information about our treatment program.

Below are some of the services offerred by Sagebrush Treatment Center. These a la carte services are provided on an as needed basis pending approval of the primary therapist.

  • Yoga
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • 12-step meetings
  • Art therapy
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Music & Sound therapy
  • Qi gong
  • Ropes Course
  • Meals designed with foods that heal
Speak confidentially with a Sagebrush admissions coordinator.

Begin at our Great Falls Residential Addiction Treatment Center Today

For the treatment you deserve, head to our Great Falls residential addiction treatment center today. Contact us now at (866) 488-1156 to speak with a staff member. Learn how our residential drug rehab center in Great Falls can change your life for the better. 

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