In today’s society, millions struggle with addiction each day. Thankfully, the nation is beginning to place a strong emphasis on fighting back against this epidemic. However, with the shift in focus, those also struggling with a mental health disorder or illness are left behind. Through dual diagnosis treatment centers in Northern VA, those with both problems receive the proper attention and care they need to heal. Sagebrush Treatment Centers is proud to understand the need for dual diagnosis treatment and strives to provide an environment ideal for healing and recovery.


The Need for Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

women looking for dual diagnosis treatment programs at dual diagnosis treatment centers in northern VADual diagnosis treatment programs serve the purpose of addressing both addiction and mental health during treatment. Often, rehab facilities will only focus on the addiction which fails to break the cycle. Without receiving the help they need for their mental health, individuals are unable to recover successfully.

Dual diagnosis treatment centers in Northern VA understand that addiction frequently links to mental health. In some cases, the addiction causes symptoms of a mental health disorder to become worse. For others, the symptoms of mental illness lead the individual attempting to self-medicate. This desire to alleviate the symptoms tends to cause addiction. In either scenario, a cycle takes shape that only dual diagnosis treatment programs can help.

These programs will also help teach essential life skills and coping mechanisms to help break the cycle. Individuals who understand their triggers then become equipped to manage their mental health properly moving forward.


Finding Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Northern VA

As you look for treatment, there are certain pieces of criteria to look for to ensure you experience the proper care. It’s essential to find dual diagnosis treatment centers in Northern VA that not only provide dual diagnosis treatment but provide individualized treatment as well. While many people experience the same mental illness or have a dependence on the same substance, they come to treatment with unique circumstances. Care should never be one-size-fits-all, and this should reflect in their programs.

When looking for dual diagnosis treatment programs, you should also ensure that a full continuum of care is available. This tends to include the following:

By receiving a full continuum of care, you increase your chances of achieving lasting recovery.


Choose Sagebrush For Your Care

When it comes to finding one of the dual diagnosis treatment centers in Northern VA, there’s no need to look any further than Sagebrush. We’re here to help you recover, heal, and move forward from your addiction and mental health struggles. Every day, our team strives to meet our mission of helping individuals, their families, and their communities overcome addiction. Through our drug addiction and alcohol addiction treatment, those trying to overcome both addiction and mental health issues can find success. To learn more about Sagebrush Treatment Centers, contact us today at (866) 488-1156.

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