Polysubstance abuse is a frightening situation that can transform your life for the worse. Many people may feel that this situation is one from which they cannot escape. Thankfully, a polysubstance abuse center can help. At Sagebrush Treatment Centers, you get the best chance to beat your addiction for good. That’s because we genuinely care about you and will do what we can to help you recover.

polysubstance abuse center, man standing talking to therapy groupWhat is Polysubstance Abuse?

Polysubstance abuse is defined as a person abusing three or more substances over at least 12 months. This problem can be as simple as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol while also indulging in occasional marijuana abuse. Though not as problematic as other types of polysubstance abuse, this type can be very damaging. However, this abuse can also include more dangerous substances.

For example, a person may abuse cocaine every time that they binge drink. This type of “speedball” is hazardous and may cause heart problems and other issues. Other people may abuse multiple substances of the same kind, such as taking morphine, heroin, and fentanyl at various times throughout 12 months.

How Does a Polysubstance Abuse Center Help?

When you abuse multiple substances at once, you create a multitude of problems. For example, you’ll usually have a higher tolerance for each substance. You may even experience higher withdrawal symptoms when you quit any substance, which can cause you to lose control of your behaviors. Unfortunately, this problem typically only worsens as it develops.

Therefore, you may need the help of a polysubstance abuse center. These groups provide care in a myriad of unique ways. For example, they can give medication to help your withdrawal. Without these medicines, you’re likely to experience a large amount of physical and emotional suffering.

And they can also provide you with dual-diagnosis care, behavioral counseling, and long-term care options. These help you better understand your abuse and how it affects your life. Our polysubstance abuse center at Sagebrush Treatment Centers is considered one of the finest addiction treatment centers near McLean, VA.

What Other Benefits Does Our Polysubstance Abuse Center McLean VA Option Provide?

At Sagebrush Treatment Centers, our polysubstance abuse center provides many benefits for you. However, we also have a broad array of other care options that make us worth considering. Just a few of these advantages and our many treatment methods include:

  • A small and holistic treatment center – We can focus more attention on you in a friendlier and homier environment
  • Residential care options – Our three residential houses have eight beds each, making them comfortable and relaxing
  • Outpatient treatment possibilities – Don’t neglect the benefits of outpatient care if you have a busy life and cannot take time off for inpatient
  • A sober living home – Stay at our sober living home while participating in a PHP to stay focused on your ultimate recovery
  • Family therapy options – Work with your family and us to get the ultimate recovery help that you need to stay sober and healthy
  • Gender-specific care – Drugs impact the health of genders differently and may require specialized care to manage properly
  • Case management – Let us take care of all aspects of your care from the moment you check in to when you leave us for good

Our warm and holistic healing center is designed to be a safe place where you can heal. Each of our professionals works hard to treat you as an individual and give you individualized care. When you walk in our doors, you’ll be greeted not only by a friendly and smiling face but the smell of chocolate chip cookies. Few other polysubstance abuse center McLean VA options will provide you with that much love.

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