The effects of addiction on a family can be damaging. It weakens the bonds between those who are suffering and those who love them. Making care and support available to everyone in the household is important to the health of the family unit. Close friends can also benefit from our family therapy program. Utilizing addiction therapy services in northern VA can help you or your loved one get back on the road to recovery.

family therapy programRebuild Connections in a Family Therapy Program

Sagebrush Treatment offers a family therapy program in McLean, VA, allowing a client’s loved ones to assist as their loved one spends time in our residential addiction treatment center. Families receive an education that clarifies the ugliness of the disease that is an addiction. We strive to help them understand what may have driven their loved one to their current state.

It can be hard for people to understand the ins and outs of the recovery process. We hold an hour-long Residential Concerned Others Group session each Sunday to help manage family members’ expectations about the long road ahead. Sagebrush provides them with a safe space to voice their concerns and struggles while receiving the support needed to facilitate the healing process for everyone.

Communication is the key to the success of our program. We strive to keep everyone talking and to get past any hurts to a place of healing. Everyone is allowed a voice, and we help the family unit understand how to continue constructively speaking to each other outside of the family therapy program.

In-Depth Multi-Family Therapy Program

The Sagebrush two-hour multi-family therapy program, held on Sundays, encourages friends and families to repair and build new bonds between themselves and the recovering client. Our team encourages everyone to offer constructive feedback and be receptive to any given directly to them. We help families take a holistic, 360-degree view of the effects of the client’s addiction on everyone. The goal is to clarify the role each family member plays and how everyone can move forward healthily.

Families get the chance to look at videos of others in a similar situation. It helps them understand that many different families undergo their experience. We work to move past guilt and blame towards redemption and healing. Role-plays and personal exercises are encouraged to help express emotions that might be too difficult to get out verbally.

If our client’s therapist approves, families can visit with loved ones after the Multi-Family Therapy session concludes. It gives everyone a chance to reconnect and begin working through difficult and complex emotions. Friends and families get the opportunity to put their newly learned skills to work in forging a better relationship.

Continuous Outpatient Treatment

Our facility offers family members outpatient therapy sessions once the client completes their therapy program. It can be a natural progression as the client moves on to receiving regular help at a Virginia outpatient addiction treatment center.

The road to recovery is never easy. Loved ones will continue needing support navigating the difficult patches that crop up along the journey. Remaining in a family therapy program throughout the process works to protect the new bonds built during the early stages of the client’s recovery.

Family Therapy Program

A client’s family can be a crucial cornerstone as they work to create an addiction-free life. Learning to accept responsibility for the harm they caused allows them to learn from the consequences of their actions. Having family there to encourage progress and guidance through obstacles can make the difference.

The Sagebrush family therapy programs encourage family members to reconnect to their loved ones through empathy and understanding. We encourage you to reach out today for help by calling 866.488.1156.