Sagebrush Treatment Centers believes that families suffer addiction together, especially spouses. The Couples Therapy Program is custom-designed to meet the unique needs of our clients and their spouses.

Why Sagebrush Treatment Centers?

Sagebrush has been helping couples find a path to recovery as a unit since 2009. We offer a small and intimate program. With our holistic approach to treatment, we aim to treat the whole person, not just the disease.
Sagebrush offers:

  • Three residential houses with eight beds each
  • Private rooms with en suite bathrooms in some homes
  • Sober living home
  • Gender separate programs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Our sober living home is a short-term stay option for those clients participating in the partial hospitalization program. With partial hospitalization, the client comes to the facility during the day for treatment but stays off-campus in the sober living home at night. Sober living offers more flexibility than a residential program.

Sagebrush Treatment Centers also does outpatient outreach to help as clients transition back into their lives after leaving primary care.

What Kinds of Addiction Does Sagebrush Treat?

Sagebrush sees most common substances, including:

Why Consider the Couples Therapy Program?

At Sagebrush, we understand the family dynamic and use it to promote healing. Through the couples therapy program in McLean, VA, we work with you and your spouse to help build engagement and support.

The goal is to find ways to nurture one another and create a new relationship built around maintaining recovery. Entering into a residential treatment program is the first step in healing, but it takes a village to succeed.

Through the couples therapy program, we offer clients a way to understand both the disease of addiction and how their relationship fits into the recovery strategy.

It’s as much a marital counseling program as it is family addiction treatment program in McLean,VA. Couples will face challenges during and after treatment. It’s essential to address any existing problems in the relationship, as well as discuss any that might come up in recovery.

Addition can be a tidal wave that damages relationships. Having a spouse that is ill may fracture the close bond necessary to sustain both recovery and the marriage. You must find your way back to the love and respect that once drove you as a couple.

What is the Focus of the Couples Therapy Program in McLean, VA?

There is a lot of confusion about addiction, and sometimes spouses are left with unresolved questions and feelings. Couples therapy opens things up to answer those questions and talk those about feelings.

During the therapy, a spouse will learn to understand addiction as a progressive and chronic disease. He or she will explore how addiction affects an individual long-term, as well.

Couples therapy constructively helps master emotions, so spouses know the difference between help and enablement.

a couple talking do their doctor during Couples Therapy Program

The family specialist from Sagebrush will make sure your spouse understands the treatment plan and how it works for them.

It takes change to ensure recovery continues after primary care ends. That change doesn’t just affect you as the client; it affects the family unit.

The couples therapy program helps you and your spouse understand what needs to change and why without allowing feelings to build up and fester. You also discover new ways to communicate and cope with situations as they happen.

Make Sagebrush your safe place to heal. People do recover from addiction. It’s essential you and your spouse know that and couples therapy can help.

Find out more about the couple therapy program Sagebrush Treatment Centers today. Call 866.488.1156 and make an appointment with one of our addiction specialists. The staff at Sagebrush is ready to welcome you and make you feel at home.