Located just an hour away from Baltimore, the resort-like setting of Sagebrush is the ideal place to seek a new, healthy lifestyle free of addiction. Offering both residential inpatient and outpatient treatment, the center is close enough to accommodate visitors from our clients’ families, but far enough for clients to escape the habits, people and environments related to their addictions.

Henry David Thoreau said, “I went to the woods to live deliberately.” Living deliberately is a major factor in overcoming drug addiction, which is part of why our facility is located out of the way. The tranquil, natural environment of Sagebrush is “away from it all.” It is away from triggers, stress, distraction and unhealthy habits clients likely had in Baltimore. Sagebrush is a place where people go to live deliberately and rediscover their health.

Clinical Treatments and Evaluations

Treating addiction and substance abuse requires a holistic approach to all the possible contributing factors. We perform 360-degree evaluations before creating a treatment program. The areas we evaluate include:

  • Physical health and ailments
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health, particularly if substance abuse relates to trauma
  • Spiritual health
  • Family relationships

Clinical treatment plans focus on health and vitality. Appropriate treatment options are available for an individual’s overall well-being. Sagebrush does not limit treatment to the physical aspects of addiction and substance abuse.

Individualized Treatment and

At Sagebrush, we recognize that treatment plans must be unique and personalized to each client. No two addictions are alike. Two people may be treated for the same substance, but for two very different sets of reasons, which is why individualized treatment is so important. This intense focus on each individual in our program is why our primary therapists never work with more than four clients at the same time.

Our treatment programs are appropriate for men, women and youth. As a treatment center focused on healing the whole person, we offer additional options for recovery outside of traditional treatments, including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage or healing hands
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Herbal supplements
  • Sauna treatments
  • Yoga
  • Music therapy
  • Much more

Family Focus

Sagebrush is located less than an hour from Baltimore, and is a beautiful Virginia drug rehab center, making it easy for loved ones to visit during the treatment process. Sagebrush treatment focuses not only on the individual, but the whole family unit. Often, we will conduct a face-to-face family interview so we better understand how the addiction has functioned within the family system. We are aware of the negative ripple effect substance abuse can have in a family and are empathetic to the healing of family members. If our clients are reluctant to have loved ones involved in their care, there are a variety of educational and relational groups available for family member’s offsite.

Support Beyond

Sagebrush has both in-patient and out-patient treatment for addiction recovery. The Sagebrush staff works with clients to create a one-year plan prior to discharge. This plan, alongside outpatient services, gives our clients an exponentially more successful outcome. We strive to remain engaged with clients with a diverse curriculum for inpatient and outpatient services.

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